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Monday, October 13, 2008

Working on Columbus Day..

I know that Columbus day *technically* isn't a holiday, but damn it; when my husband works for the State and has off, and all my kids have off from school, it doesn't seem fair to have to come in and work today!

Everyone was super snuggly this morning and didn't want to wake up. Why should they? It was a cool, dark morning, perfect for sleeping in. Hell, all *I* wanted to do was sleep in (hence the reason I was almost late for work, b/c I dallied all morning thinking I had more time then I really did before having to leave for work).

At least the day is going fast. I'm waiting for my McDonald's (a somewhat nice co-worker volunteered to go out and get lunch for some people), and my tummy's rumbling. I keep trying to figure out a sickness I can fake so I can leave early and hang out with my favorite people -- my family!