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Monday, October 27, 2008

One more game to go!

A few posts back, I made the comment that I'm not really a sports girl. But c'mon -- our baseball team is ONE freaking game away from winning the World Series, a feat that hasn't been done since the 1980's, and Phillies Phever (as everyone is calling it!) is reaching an all time high! The whole city is in a frenzy, waiting for tonight's game. This could be it -- a little piece of history that we'll all be here to see. My boys are *s0* excited (maybe more so because I let them stay up for the whole game tonight!) to watch the Phillies (hopefully) win it all tonight!!

We all have our Phillies red on today and we're praying hard! Let's go Phillies!!!


Karyn with a Y said...

How fun! It's exciting when "your team" is in any kind of playoffs, especially championships.