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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A week and a Half to Halloween...

And we finally got our costumes. Boy, talk about slim pickings!! Sophie had her heart set on being a Snow Princess -- a costume consisting of a really pretty white dress (not the chintzy kind of fabric that you see on all the other costumes) and a tiara. We had seen one at Target the last time we were there, but in a moment of Mommy stupidity (0r maybe it wasn't having enough cash on me), I didn't pick it up then. So we all went today, praying it was still there -- no such luck. My beloved husband, in his infinite wisdom, swore it was Walmart that we saw the costume in and not Target, so we loaded all the kids back in the car again to drove cross town to Walmart. A quick dash to the ever shrinking costume aisle and we discovered no snow princess costumes there either. Damn.

We finally found a compromise -- a Barbie princess costume, which Sophie still calls a Snow Princess. Works for me! And for Peyton, I had found this adorable puppy dog costume that had a little hood with a puppy face on it, but hubby thought it was too babyish. Peyton ended up with a Knight costume, which I DO admit he looks adorable in.

I guess it's been a while since I've really paid attention to Halloween costumes, but some of the outfits for girls are REALLY skimpy! Like the Tinkerbell costume that Sophie picked up which was nothing more that really, really think fabric, a really short skirt and a tank top. And this was a toddler costume! Never mind all the Hannah Montana costumes I saw that looked a bit too skimpy for kids to be wearing. God, I feel so old!!