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Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling a bit let down on Halloween

Now don't get me wrong, Halloween isn't a favorite holiday of mine. I hate dressing up, I hate taking the kids trick or treating, and I just hate the whole aspect of it. So you're probably thinking why should I feel let down, right? Well, when you have kids, everything suddenly becomes about the kids and you see things through a whole new set of eyes.

My daughter is old enough this year to really be excited about dressing up, and she's finally old enough to say Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween and Thank You. It's all very cute. So we set off tonight with my 2 sisters, 1 husband, my husband, and 8 kids. We made it approximately 1 house before everyone else decided to run ahead, leaving us slow pokes (my husband, myself, and the 2 toddlers) behind. So we grudgingly made our way up one side of the street, and down the other side of the street, maybe hitting 10 houses total.

Which is fine, because they're toddlers and don't need a lot of candy. I get that. The part that annoyed me is that EVERY year my whole family makes a big deal about how we're going to do the Trick or Treating together, and we never end up doing it together.

Then the next part of the evening was my sister's fabulous Halloween party, which consisted of about 10 more kids (not including nieces and nephews already there), hopped up on sugar running around screaming. I don't drink, so while the adults all hung out in the kitchen drinking and talking, I was delegated to the kiddy room watching "Hocus Pocus" with aforementioned sugar high kids.

I came home and was just done with Halloween. I had a migraine that had been forcing to come out all day and it finally exploded -- I think it was the strobe light that made it appear. My husband was sound asleep when I came home ( he had left the party earlier with the toddlers), the 3 of them were sleeping soundly, and I was all alone with my oldest 2 boys. I just feel very blah.

Next year will be the same thing.. I should just skip it, stay home, give out candy, and avoid all the drama!


Gina said...

Oh Michelle... Next year, stay at your house, take your kids around your neighborhood and don't bother with your family! Better yet, come out to Ohio!!!!! LOL