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Friday, October 24, 2008

My own little product review -- McDonalds Pumpkin Pie


These pies are a little piece of heaven!

I stumbled upon these tonight on accident. By the luck of fate, I got out of work half an hour early today, which gave me just enough time to get to Walmart to pick up the stuff for Matt's birthday tomorrow, as well as the rest of the stuff we needed for the Halloween weekend we're going to this weekend. There's a McDonald's across the street, and since my tummy was rumbling, I figured I'd stop and get a pie and a Sweet Tea -- yum.

So even though I *asked* for an apple pie, what I bit into was apparently a pumpkin pie. And it was delish! It was all warm and toasty and spiced with just enough cinnamon. The outer shell was really crispy as well and complimented the whole freaking thing. I was confused at first -- I thought "Is this apple? I ordered apple!!" until I realized what was going on.. LOL..

Now I want more Pumpkin Pies. Good thing they'll be around until at least until Thanksgiving, so I still have time to get my pie grove on.