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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ugh.. This no caffeine stuff is HARD!!

Apparently I have NO willpower, as I'm sitting here sipping a Mt. Dew at lunchtime. But in all fairness, I HAVE to. I'm falling asleep at my desk! And it only took me two days to figure out why I'm so tired all of a sudden -- because I stopped drinking soda cold turkey!

Yesterday I had to fight off the sleepys all morning and I could barely keep my eyes closed. I keep drinking water (which was good!) hoping it would keep me awake. I felt sluggish all day.

Today, no Code Red Mountain Dew for breakfast again for the second day in a row, and what do you know -- heavy eyes all morning again. I think I actually took a 2 minute nap at my desk until I felt my neck snap down and woke up.


PLEASE tell me it gets easier?? How do people not drink soda? there must be some secret out there I'm missing out on!