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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rolling pumpkins

It seems lately, we've been trying to find toys and games Peyton would like, toys that provide him with enough tactile stimulation -- bumpy toys, nubby toys, vibrating toys, etc. He needs a lot of stimulation, and we're really working hard on trying to give it to him in any way we can.

Tonight at the dinner table, instead of eating his chicken and rice, Peyton found his *own* tactically (is that even a word??) pleasing toy -- a nubby pumpkin that we had picked up from the farm market a few weeks ago. He spent a good 1/2 hr just rubbing his fingers up and down the bumps and rolling it back and forth, back and forth. He was highly amused! He has been calling things that he likes 'Funny -- ', such as 'funny kitty', or 'funny fifi' (his big sister). He was happily rolling the pumpkin repeating 'funny apple, funny apple'.

He loved it so much he took it to bed with him and was falling asleep rubbing the pumpkin last time I checked on him!