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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rock Bama vs John Cane

Ahhh -- the political views of a 5 year old! It seems that the whole gang of my nieces and nephews -- ranging in age from 5 to my son who is the oldest at 12, ALL have an opinion on this years Presidential election, all with a favorite (Barack Obama). My niece, Tabitha, SWEARS his name is Rock Bama and doesn't want to hear otherwise, and wants him to win solely based on the fact that his name sounds cool.

The other night found the lot of them in a heated political debate about raising taxes, bringing the soldiers home, and what the Presidential nominees are going to do for the economy. Do they really learn these things at school???!

My son's school had a mock election the other day and Obama was by far the front runner. In his school, McCain had 73 votes, and Obama had 293 votes! I'd say that was a land slide! In one of the other schools, McCain only had 11 votes.

It's getting pretty exciting as it's getting down to the wire and I think it's wonderful that the kids are getting involved and learning about this monumental right. I'm taking my 12 year old to the voting station with me on Tuesday just so he can get a feel of what is' like. B/c there *is* a good chance that if whoever wins makes it 2 terms in office, the next time the election rolls around he'll be old enough to vote!