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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Should mommies feel guilty for buying themselves things?

I know the answer probably is NO, but then why do I?

I think I just have a guilty conscience and I need someone to tell me it's "OKAY".

I went to Target tonight, to pick up a mini video camera for my oldest son. He's been saving up his money (it was a toy -- only $30), but he's wanted it for a while. So while I was walking to the toy section, I walked past the clothing section.

And I thought to myself, "OH, I could *really* use jeans". Which is true. I have NO jeans that fit me, as I'm currently a fat ass and my 2 pairs of jeans from last year are too small. So I picked up jeans. And then I thought "OH, I could *really* use new shirts". SO I picked up 2 long sleeve shirts, because for some inexplicable reason, all my long sleeve shirts have disappeared into the void of my house, and my office gets damn cold during the day! And then a new pair of sneakers followed, because my sneakers are beat up and holy, and yes; I wear beat up and holy sneakers to work. My mother would have a a heart attack if she saw how I dressed to work. She has this whole "But you're supposed to be a Paralegal, you're supposed to be professional looking" idea of me.

So after all was said and done, I bought myself some clothes and stuff and felt very, very guilty. So guilty that I came home and told my husband, and offered to return all of it and put the cash back into my checking account.

But you know what? I think I'm keeping everything. I NEED new jeans. And I NEED new shoes. and new socks.. and new shirts.. I didn't buy anything frivolous. But I still feel guilty.