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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peyton's Service Plan meeting

Today was Peyton's Service plan meeting. Really, not a big deal, but because of my anxiety, I stressed and worried about it up until the minute it started. It helped that hubby's Aunt is our Service Coordinator, so she was there to help us every step of the way.

My little man is going to be getting his own Occupational Therapist for 75 minutes every week, and then at school (which he only goes to every other week), the O.T. is going to come out and help him in a larger group setting, so he'll get used to the other kids and learn how to deal with them. Right now, he shys away from other kids and when we pick him up, we can usually find him hiding underneath the table or sitting in a chair by himself -- kind of breaks your heart.

He had 6 Service goals that we made for him -- things as simple as keeping his clothes on when required (a BIG problem in our house!) to reducing the frequency/duration of his temper tantrums. We have 6 mths to see how he does before he's evaluated again, and I really hope that he can hit some of those goals in the six months. He's such a sweet, special, funny, loving child; only with a few extra quirks that normal children don't have. All I want for him is to succeed and be happy with who he is....