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Thursday, October 30, 2008

To the ignorant driver on the highway this morning

Was it REALLY necessary to call me a cunt (excuse my language, as I hate that word, but I needed to use it for purposes of this post) *just* because I had my phone in my hand? I SWEAR I wasn't texting. Due to the current gridlock of traffic we were in, I chose a split second to check the time on my phone, and you chose that minute to begin hurling profanities (including several "F" bombs) out the window. HIGHLY uncalled for. Were you really in that bad of a mood this morning that you couldn't let something like that go?

I could see if I were blatantly texting, looking up and down at my phone and the road, or even if I was gabbing away on my phone. But c'mon -- I glanced at my phone for TWO freaking seconds. Cut a girl a break??? You're lucky I restrained myself enough before I decided not to veer into your lane and rear end your profanity hurling ass.


Gina said...

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet another reason I'm happy I don't live in Jersey anymore!