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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soliciting parenting advice..

Because honestly, I'm at my wits end with my oldest two boys. I could see if it's the two youngest kids we're talking about, but we're talking about a 12 and an 11 year old!! But they're BAD. VERY BAD. They fight all the time. They argue all the time. They 'curse' (their idea of cursing") all the time, and it's just horrible. I can't get a handle on them. I punish them; it doesn't phase them. I take things away from them (TV, video games, things important to them); doesn't phase them. I talk to their dads -- has no impact.

So what the hell am I doing wrong? It's turning into an EVERY night thing. It's at the point where they run after each other and smack each other. They call each other crack addicts. Where do they learn these things?? school?? It's affecting my marriage. My marriage is actually crumbling because the boys can't behave.

I'm hoping SOMEONE out there can give me some advice. Please? tell me how to be a better parent. Tell me they'll outgrow this? Give me any advice? I'm seriously, seriously at my wit's end and desperate......


Gina said...

I've given you ideas!!!! Have you tried the behavior contracts?! Talk with their dads and make it so you only have one of them at a time, if they can't get along, they need to be separated.... I'm sorry Michelle!!! I'll come smack them if you want!!! Call Super Nanny!