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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where did all the pretty leaves go?

We have this big, beautiful tree on the corner of our property, and I just noticed the other day how absolutely beautiful the fall color of the leaves were. I had pulled up to the house and thought "wow, those leaves are AWESOME" and was amazed that I had never noticed how pretty they were before. Even neighbors had started commenting on how pretty the leaves were.

Every day, I kept making a mental note to bring my camera out to my car to take a picture of the tree. Every day I forgot. Well, don't you know, I pull up tonight and guess what? All the leaves are off the tree!

Now, I don't know if it literally happened overnight; it probably didn't. What most likely happened is that it happened gradually, bit by bit, and I just failed to notice. But damn, it seems like one day it was 'kinda fall' and now we're deep into fall, pushing into winter. I mean, it is November. Thanksgiving will be here soon, then the Winter Holiday's.

The passing of the seasons just depresses me SO bad! I wish it were Spring all year round, where everything is green and sunny and just in bloom. I hate the fall blahs.

So no pictures of my pretty autumn tree for now. I'll have to wait until next year!


Staci said...

I really think it did happen overnight! Yesterday, the trees were beautiful, and this morning, there was nothing. I'm not ready for fall to be over yet!