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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Change!

Today I woke up, almost giddy with excitement. Yes, call me a dork, but I woke up completely excited for Election day! Ever since last year when I found out Obama would be running, I was completely enthralled with the election.
I love what he stands for, I love who he is, and I love what I know he can do for this Country. I love that he's not just another good republican white boy up in the White House, standing for the same shit that others have stood for. I really think that Obama is going to bring a big change to the Country, a change that we can ALL benefit from. I've done the research and read as much as I can, and I just don't think that the 'Maverick' team of McCain and Palin can do it. They have too many empty promises, and Palin does NOT have the experience she needs to be a potential V.P.

People will argue that Senator Obama doesn't have the experience needed to be a President, but I think he has a proven record and really can do the job. And I think with Biden behind him, they will make a kick ass team.

I am SO ready to get out there and vote and settle in tonight to watch the coverage and start whooping it up when Obama wins! Get out there and vote, People!!