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Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's November 6th, and what do I hear on the radio?

Christmas music!

Ummm, HELLO!! HALLOWEEN just passed. Thanksgiving is still weeks away. And they're playing Christmas music already? Isn't it a tad early? Usually, there's two stations in our area that fight over who starts playing holiday songs the earliest, and they usually start a few days before Thanksgiving. But c'mon -- this is just too too early.

Is anyone even IN the Christmas spirit yet? I'm one of those notorious people who wait until the absolute last minute to do anything remotely resembling holiday shopping. I'm usually in line on Christmas Eve buying those last minute gifts. I'm usually up late wrapping Christmas Eve, swearing this would be last year I would procrastinate so long.

I'll tell you what, though. Hearing the music this early does NOT make me feel jolly!!


Gina said...

Have you not been to the stores yet?!?!?!?! The day after Halloween all the Christmas decorations went up!!!

Mozel Toff (sorry I know I completely ruined that spelling!)