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Saturday, November 8, 2008

For working single moms, how do you get dinner on the table?

Are there any good secrets that anyone can teach me? I'm willing to learn! I've recently found myself a single mom after 5 years, and I'm having a hard time finding a balance between coming home from work and finding time to get a good balanced meal on the table. Most times I just want to run to the nearest fast food restaurant, but obviously I know that's not the best option.

The problem is every other week, I don't get home until almost 6 p.m., and if it takes me 1/2 hr or so to cook dinner and we're not eating until 6:45 or so, no one is going to be happy with that. I want something quick and easy!

I went food shopping this weekend, and picked up what I like to call "Single Mom Meals" -- Encore microwavable meals -- Lasagnas, Salisbury Steaks, etc. But I want something more than those lame meals.

Surely there has to be a happy medium somewhere?

So what do I do? Do I prepare meals the night before? Do I do crock pot meals? Or do I just keep doing what I've been doing and make up the encore meals, substitute them with some veggies and call it a night? I feel like I'm cheating my kids some how.

Kudos to anyone who can post some yummy quick recipes!


Gina said...

Cook for the week on Sunday, make all of your meals, put them in single serving containers, and then heat up what you need and freeze the rest. If you make a double batch to start with you can freeze half of it for another time and then you won't have to remember to cook!!!!

Miss Blondie said...

I've always been a single i know exactly how you feel! Crock-pot meals are great. You can make stews, pulled pork, and chicken cacciatore in it. Pasta dishes are always quick and easy and you can creative with them too. If you have time to prepare meals the night before, it might help save a little time. Good Luck!!

Melissa said...

I work full time too... and We were hitting the fast food and my rear end was being affected.... SO, I started making a menu each weekend... this really helped. I'll make the menu on Fri evening or Sat. Then shop on Sunday.
For nights I know it's going to be late... I do a quick meal... .something like pasta, sauce,salad and toast... OR breakfast for dinner (WHICH my kids LOVE!) or grilled sandwiches with soup.

I also plan at least 1 crockpot meal a week. Roast with veggies, Whole chicken.. let it cook all day on low.. with a package of onion soup... Then you can use the chicken for whatever you want.
The chicken will fall off the bone... and you can use it in Tacos, chicken pop-pies, quesadillas, chicken salad...

We make homemade pizza.. which is less fattening than take out and easier on the budget.

For me, the key is planning on the weekend.. and making sure I buy everything I need. (no running to the store when I need to be getting dinner on the table) KWIM?