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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green gooky eyes -- the Finale

Well, the Green Gooky Eyes that I *thought* was just a sinus infection turned out to be the dreaded Pink Eye. Drats! I really thought my Mommy Sense was right, and I schlepped him off to the Pedi's Monday morning, sure that they'd tell me it was an infection, there was nothing they can do, and send me on my way. Nope, how wrong I was.

AND, not only does he have Pink Eye, but he has a double ear infection as well. Whee! Could life be any more fun??! So now he's loaded up on prescription eye drops -- which he absolutely *hates*, and antibiotics, we he absolutely *hates* even more! I have to pin him down and wrestle with him and practically shove the eye drops into his eyeball because he squinches his eyes shut so tight. The boy is smart! LOL... And the Augmentin he just spits completely out. We figured out tonight that the pharmacist gave him the unflavored type -- duh. So of course he'd spit it out -- I would do!

Luckily, after just a day on the meds, his eyes look better. I sent him off to school (with a note saying he could go back!) and prayed that I wouldn't get a call from the school saying that his eyes had started to ooze again.

So now it's just a few more days on the fun, fun meds and then hopefully we can put all this behind us!


Sarah said...

Mine always got gunky eyes with sinus infections. I'm surprised they didn't let you treat the infection first to see if it cleared teh eyes.