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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kind of dissapointed with Peyton's first O.T. session

I don't know if it's just because I didn't know what to expect and I was expecting 'more' or what, but I just felt sort of let down afterwards, and I felt like it was kind of a waste of time. Peyton spent 2 hours playing with his therapist. Is that normal? She seemed nice enough, and was really nice to include Sophie, who was kind of hovering around on the outskirts trying to see what neat things Peyton got to do that she didn't get to do.

She had a big bag of toys and let Peyton play with every last one of them. There were puzzles, and strings with big chunky wooden pieces for him to string. There was a cool apple toy where he had to put tiny little worms into the apple holes, and then the worms danced after all the worms were inside the holes. There were foam people with different body parts that Peyton got to interchange and make them look different ways.

And that was it. There was no earth shattering exercises or techniques or anything that I 'learned'. I know I probably need to be patient, which I have a BIG problem with -- I have no patience for anything!

I want her to be able to tell us WHY; why he strips his clothes off, why he doesn't like the textures of certain things, why he needs extra tights hugs, touches, etc, to feel stimulated, why he tantrums several times a day, every day... I would just like to have some answers to all my questions and I know they're not going to come over night.

I have a friend whose daughter has SPD just like Peyton and swears that O.T. has helped tremendously, so I'm holding on to that hope that it helps Peyton as well...


Gina said...

For kids as young as Peyton, playing is OT!!! I probably should have given you a heads up as to what kind of stuff goes on. They are working on gross and fine motor (like putting the worms in the holes). And really, he's more apt to do this stuff because it is fun than if they were to do "exercises" as you call them.

The clothes, textures, etc all have to do with his sensory disorder and overloading, etc. He just can't process everything correctly in a way. And kids like this love pressure. I'm sure your OT will get to it, but a compression vest or blanket are wonderful! They are basically like lead vests and provide the pressure they crave.

I know others can give you more and better information since it has been years since I've had any training, and there's new stuff all the time. You might also want to get an exercise ball. Does he have trouble focusing like if you read him a book? You can sit on the ball with him and bounce while Chris or Matt reads a book, you'd be amazed at how that movement allows them to concentrate better!!!