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Saturday, February 14, 2009

All alone..... on Valentine's Day.....

I feel like singing that song, "All by myself........".... Ugh. I know I shouldn't let it get me down, but I'm just so depressed! Valentine's Day, the last few years at least, has been a special day for me -- my husband proposed to me on Valentine's day, so every year for the past 5 years I would look forward to our special little 'anniversary' of when we decided to start our lives together......

But today has been like any other day. The kids have dirty faces and knots in their hair (Well, just Sophie at least...). Sponge Bob has been on our TV all day... I'm wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, with minimal make up. No sexy clothes or nice make up for anyone in my house!!! Instead of a fancy dinner out, we ordered take out from the local pizza short. Oh well. At least I have my kids here, right?

Sophie and Peyton don't even really know it's Valentine's Day. Sophie has been saying "Happy Valentine's Day" all day, but I don't know if she gets what it means.... and Peyton has no clue... Chris, on the other hand, made me this REALLY sweet card, a card that totally made me cry; until I realized that he copied it out of a Hallmark card that my sister had sent to my mother!!! LOL..... I guess it was the thought that counts, right? At least that's what I'm going with!

Anyway, I hope however you chose to spend your Valentine's day -- with a special loved one, with your kids, or alone, it was a special, love filled day!


Bloggymommy said...

You're not alone honey! I'm here for ya! I'm 'alone' tonight too! Hubs is at work until 12-1am! :(

Chris is so sweet to make you a card...even if it was plagerized(sp?)!

(((HUGS)))) for you today!