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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now I know why the pillows were only $2.99...

Last night I decided to go out and buy a whole new sheet seat, comforter, pillows, and pillow cases. The main reason was because my damn cat peed on my sheets, and even though I washed them over 5 times, they still smelled like cat pee. And let's face it, no one wants to lay in a bed that smells like cat pee.

At Target, I found a really great 'deal' on pillows -- $2.99!! So I pick up 2 of them, along with nice pillow cases, get home, get the bed all set up and try to fall asleep.

It's NOT working. Those pills are like laying on nothing! My head just sinks right down through to the other side. There's no padding, support or anything. I felt like my neck was going to break! I could've made the crappy pillows myself by just putting the cotton stuffing that my son bought for a project into a pillowcase and tying it shut.

Ugh.. Now I'm stuck with these 2 crappy pillows... Of course, I'll probably end up going back to Target today and buying nicer ones, but it just annoys me that I can't return these pillows since I slept on them already, and threw the packaging away.

Oh well... at least I'm only out $6. Lesson learned. NEVER BUY THE CHEAP PILLOWS!!!!!!


AccidentalMommy said...

Do you have the receipt?

Try and return them. $6 bucks is LUNCH MONEY!

Miss Blondie said...

The most important thing in life is a comfy bed!! Without that life just sucks!!

Bloggymommy said...

You never know when you get a 'deal' or a POS! I only sleep on my down pillow...I LOVE it! But it was a gift or I'd be sleeping on a POS pillow too. You could just save those pillows and use them as decoration or use them for the kids when they're sick!
Good luck!

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Pillows are one thing to never scrimp on. I learned that lesson too.

sandy said...

Thanks for the advice! I need new pillows too:0)

How are ya feeling?

Gina said...

I love my down pillows!!!!!!