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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Temper Tantrums a plenty!

Last night was the kid's Holiday show at the Daycare center, and really; I had such high hopes for the show. I was looking forward to seeing Sophie sing (her 3 year old class would be singing 3 songs) and even Peyton's class (the 2 year old class) would be 'singing' (as much as 2 year old's can!), and I was REALLY hoping that Peyton would try to sing. Boy, was I sadly mistaken!

I guess I should remind anyone reading this (or explain to people for the first time), that Peyton has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). It's a neurological condition, and it basically means that the child's brain can't process all the senses at one time and gets overloaded. Peyton has a hard time when he gets over stimulated - like if we go out to dinner, then shopping, he almost always has a meltdown. And his melt downs include him making himself throw up by sticking his fingers down his throat -- soooo not a pretty sight for a 2 year old. He also has a lot of other issues -- he hates to have blankets or anything too 'heavy' on him and will strip down naked to avoid the feel of clothes on him, he throws MANY temper tantrums SEVERAL times a day (for no reason), and hates noisy/crowded places (but then again, so does Mommy and Daddy, so I can't blame the kid for that).

SO, without even thinking about how he always has nervous breakdowns in public places, I tote them off to the daycare center, camera in hand, all ready to see my babies sing. I get there, and as soon as we walk in, he throws his first tantrum. He's on the floor, kicking and screaming and yelling "No, Mommy, no!!!"... So after several minutes of trying to get him to go into the classroom with his friends, I decide I"ll sit in the audience with him and let him wait until he sees his friends walk onto the stage and bring him up there to sing. NOPE. He wants nothing to do with that either. I take him outside, and he's finally happy, pointing out "Mommy school bus, mommy truck, mommy car, mommy light".. LOL. I bring him back inside, kids are singing, and he starts shrieking again, causing everyone to turn and look at us. The Director tries to calm him down by giving him his favorite stickers -- no go. She tries to show him a picture of her mini schanuzer -- nope, he's still freaking out.

OK, apparently Peyton wants nothing to do with this holiday show. I managed to see Sophie mouth the words to her 3 songs (she was apparently too nervous to sing, as were all the other kids...!) and then we left, before Peyton's class even had a chance to go on stage.

Oh well. Maybe next year? I'm hoping that all his work with his O.T. will pay off after a year and I can see him sing for once! I felt so let down and sad for Peyton, thinking this would be his life -- having tantrums once he's around too much noise and chaos! :-(


Bloggymommy said...

I totally know how that feels and what you're going through. Sorry it wasn't a good experience for you guys. Don't worry, one day he'll start 'singing" and you'll want, no beg, him to stop. lol

Miss Blondie said...

aww poor little guy! i'm sure he'll "outgrow" the tantrums someday...hopefully!!

Amber DBTD said...

Aww, I totally know how that feels... I cannot imagine trying to bring Jaymes to something like that, it would not go well. Sounds like you handled it very well though, and I'm sure he'll start singing eventually.