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Sunday, December 7, 2008

*THE* crappiest day ever! (at least in a while!)

So today started out pretty good, for all of about 2 hours. Sophie had Hebrew school, which she absolutely loves. She missed last month (the 3&4 year olds only go once a month), so she was anxious to go this month. Plus, she was learning about Hanukkah this time, which she was really excited about!

I drop her off, and the rest of us make a run for McDonald's. Since the Temple is about 20 miles from our house, and she's only there for 2 hours, it doesn't make sense for us to go back and forth to home. We eat breakfast, and then go back to the Temple for the Hanukkah fair they were having (all kinds of vendors set up). I found a really pretty necklace for $10, I pick up Sophie from her class, and we get ready to leave.

And this, folks, is when the disaster strikes. My car won't start. I keep turning it over, and it just goes, "click, click, click". NOTHING is going to make it start. It's about 30 degrees outside, and windy as all hell, and I have 3 kids in the car and I'm starting to panic.

Thankfully, my father is a GOD and through several frantic cell phone calls (on my part), he was able to set up a tow truck to drive the 20 miles (eek -- I don't even want to SEE that bill!) tomorrow morning to pick up my van. So my husband has to drive up to pick us up and drop us off at my brother's house, so my brother can take us to my parents for dinner.

Why does the bad crap always happen to me? For once, I'd LOVE to have a month (or even a week!) where something bad doesn't happen. It always seems like I'm bouncing from one disaster to another, and believe me -- it's not fun.

So hopefully the van will be fixed soon. We're riding around in my father's pick up truck and it's a tight fit. I'm just thankful I have a way to get the kids to daycare tomorrow and get to work!



Bloggymommy said...

Oh that sucks! I know what you mean though! Our jeep is CONSTANTLY giving us problems! We've had to get a new transmition, radiator, breaks, all 4 new tired b/c ONE had a problem and so much more! It seems like car shit is always happening! I hate my jeep! I want a VW van! (sigh) I hope your night is better!

Bloggymommy said...

Opps... I meant to say tires not tired! lol I'M
tired! ;)

Miss Blondie said...

Oh man!! I'd be panicking too with the kids in the car, in the cold. I hope your week gets better! Keep your head up!

Gina said...

Let's start with one good day, then move to two, and three.. you'll be at a week before you know it!!!! AND GET THE OIL CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!