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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's like chinese water torture!

I had the joy of experiencing, for the last 4 days, a slow form of torture, not unlike what I'd imagine Chinese water torture to be like. Saturday early afternoon, my 11 year old and I are sitting in the Living room, and I hear a buzzing start. I have no idea where it's coming from, and go searching high and low.

Find out it's from the timer on the stove! So I try to be Mrs. Fix It and turn all the dials - still buzzing. I hit it a few times -- still buzzing. Then I REALLY pound on it. Nothing, still buzzing. So we go about our day, and run some errands, and I pray while we're out that I'll come home and it'll be magically off. Nope.

Sunday - same thing. The madness is slowly starting to build.
Monday - same thing. I'm starting to pull my hair out. All I hear is the buzzing. I can't sit in my dining room because we can't talk over it. It's that freaking annoying.

So I finally decide to call a service repair guy, which is the FIRST time in my life I've ever had to call someone to come fix something. I felt like such a grown up!

He came out this morning, looked at the stove and said "Hmm, that's very annoying". No shit, sherlock.

Not five minutes later, the problem is fixed!! turns out our 25 year old stove's clock finally decided it's had enough and it had a 'bad gear mechanism' that was trying to turn but couldn't go anywhere. So he disabled the clock and the self cleaning mechanism (he looked kind of worried when I told him that was okay, because I never used the self cleaning mechanism anyway. LOL), and before you knew it -- NO MORE BUZZING!

It was like a miracle. I felt like I could finally hear again. I could hear birds chirping. I could hear neighbors outside.

$75 for piece of mind? Not too shabby. LOL.


Gina said...

I love your "no shit sherlock" comment!!! You are so my long lost sister!!!!