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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Product Review: Allergy Labels by Label Daddy

When I was asked to review Allergy Label products by Label Daddy, I was excited. I had seen Label Daddy's site before, and I thought the Allergy Label's would be a great way to permanently remind both my mother and my In-laws exactly what my children's food allergies were. It seems like they're always giving my kids peanut butter and saying "But I forgot they were allergic to Peanut Butter". With allergy labels, now there's no more guessing.

So, just who is Label Daddy? Label Daddy is the brain child of two friends of over 20 years, Scott and Greg. With backgrounds in the Financial field and the Garment industry, respectfully, they had spent many years thinking of ideas that would bring them financial success. As they grew and had families of their own, it only seemed natural to provide a product that would help families with children.

Label Daddy went live on January 14, 2008 and currently has a support team consisting of an in house designer, website programmer, and agent coordinator who makes sure all of their agents throughout the USA have everything they need to promote their products.

While the easiest way to purchase Label Daddy products is through their website,, Label Daddy products are also available at shows and boutiques that the company participates in. One awesome thing I learned from Scott is that the company has just rolled out affiliate marketing program and currently have 500+ affiliates displaying Label Daddy banners on their websites.

When I asked Scott what Momdot readers would be surprised to find out about the company, he answered that "we are 2 Daddies who truly care! We handle all customer service inquiries personally and promptly. We are 100% involved in the production and operations throughout the organization and take so much pride in this venture."

Now.... onto the review! I have to say it -- this product is AWESOME. I got the labels the day after Thanksgiving and I couldn't wait to apply them. The first thing I noticed is how easy the labels were to apply. I was worried about making a mistake, and the first time I put one on Peyton's sippy cup, I did get a few bubbles underneath the label. It was so easy just to lift the label up and realign it. I was a little worried that because of how easy it was to unstick it, it wouldn't be permanent as the website said. I let it sit over night and tried taking the label off the next day -- it was stuck on there and I couldn't get it off, no matter how hard I tried!

Another thing I like is how noticeable the labels are. They are a bright red color with a giant exclalmation mark on them, and it's easy to pay attention to. I had the cup sitting on my counter and my son's Occupational Therapist saw it from across the room and commented on how great of a product it was! I've put one on his cup for daycare, and it really stands out from all the other sippy cups, so there's no mistaking his cup and the fact that he has food allergies.

And one last great thing is that the product REALLY does what it says it does -- it's a permanent, dishwasher, microwaveable safe product. I've washed it several times to test it out, and the label is still there. I put the cup in the microwave, and it still stays put. This product really is everything it says it is.

Overall, I couldn't find anything wrong with this product. It's a great product at a great price, and if you're like me and have a child with food allergies, it could really be a life saver. I've had the pleasure of talking with some of the folks over at Label Daddy, and they are all super nice and helpful. They even have a Blog you can check out --

Peyton definitly gives this products two thumbs up! In fact, my daughter was so jealous that she didn't get her own set of allergy labels that I'll be ordering a set for her to label all her belongings since they both have the same food allergies!

Label Daddy offers labels that are washable for all kids clothes, toys, belongings, etc…. The labels are washer and dryer safe, dishwasher safe and microwavable. Label Daddy offers customers the opportunity to customize their label by choosing from a variety of colors, fonts and icons. They also offer a laminated option as well, which is one of a kind and not offered anywhere else. Laminating your labels allows them to withstand extreme conditions (lots of rubbing, heat, etc) and last a long long time.

Label Daddy has new products rolling out all the time. The website is constantly being updated to reflect this. Check out the site!


Momstart said...

That's really cool, moms in my moms club could really use those

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

This is killer. My oldest was allergic to dairy his first 2 years and even though I included that info at his MMO, he'd occasionally come home with an upset stomach after having a yogurt or other dairy treat. I would've stuck that on his forehead if I could!