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Sunday, January 18, 2009

*WHY* do the Eagles have to choke every time??

My WHOLE family are huge Philadelphia Eagle's football fans, so by default, I am too.. I'll admit that I know NOTHING about football. I don't know what 1st and whatever means or any of that technical shit. All I know is that when they get close to the other teams goal area, you yell really loud. And that if they drop a ball (a fumble -- I do know that!) that's bad.

Things were looking good for our boys in green today, as they were the favorites in the NFC Championship game. ALL they had to do was beat the Arizona Cardinals and we'd be in the SUPER BOWL. Easy enough, right? You'd think!

They started sucking early on... They were down big time by the end of the first half, and we were all ready to give up hope. I left my parents house in the 3rd period, and I didn't want to even watch the rest of the game! We listened to it on the way home, and the game started picking up. By time we got home, we were winning again!

With just 8 minutes left, and us up by 1 lousy point, it looked liked we might be able to clinch it and win the game. If it were a normal team, we'd be able to do it. But it's not a normal team, it's the Eagle's, and the Eagle's have a loooong history of choking when it's most important! We ended up losing 32-25, dashing our Super Bowl hopes, AGAIN.

My poor father keeps waiting and waiting for a Super Bowl win for the Eagle's... He'll have to wait again, until they get their act together!


Gina said...

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!

~Michelle~ said...

I'm right there with you now, girl! ESPECIALLY if we both become Pittsburgh-ites :-) LOL...