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Friday, January 23, 2009

TOTAL drama at the gas pump today

And I'm STILL fuming. I absolutely HATE confrontation, and avoid it at all costs. Today, however, it couldn't be avoided.

I stopped at the gas station on the way home from Sophie's dr's appt. The only debit card I had with me was a Mastercard debit card, that for some reason works at some gas stations but not others. I never have a problem with it ANYWHERE else, other than gas stations. I fully think it's how the clerk is running the card.

So I try explaining to the guy, who I'm sure only speaks about 50 words English, MAX, that I needed him to run the card *before* he pumps the gas. I told him there's money in the acct, but that sometimes it doesn't ring up right. He said, "cash??" and I said, "No, I used all my cash at the Dr's appt. I have NO cash. Just this debit card".

He walks away to run it, and comes back about 3 minutes later. Now, in this 3 minutes time, I *was* busy with Sophie. She was coughing in the seat behind me, so I was turned around making sure she was ok, and wasn't paying attention to what the guy was doing.

He comes back and says "Card no good, Card no good". And I look at my gas tank, and see that he had put $10 in! AFTER I freaking told him NOT to until he runs my card! So I told him this, as nice as I could. I swear I was nice. I'm *always* nice. He starts YELLING at me, telling me over and over "Give me $10, Give me $10". I told him I don't HAVE $10, I told him I have no cash and it was my only card. So he grabs my purse, sitting on my lap!!! I managed to wrestle it away from him, but he kept telling me to give him my purse so I can show him the money I have in there!! I pulled out my wallet and said, "LOOK -- I have NO cash. See? Only pennies".

Then the manager gets involved! wonderful. This guy was slightly better, and probably spoke triple the other guy's English vocab. He tried running the card through all 3 machines, and it wasn't going through. So I told them I would go to the bank, right across the street, and withdraw the money. The idiot guy said "There no money in there!! You got no money!!!". OMFG! I had to explain to him, AGAIN, that I DID have money.

So I drive over there, take out the money, and drive back. I say "See, I TOLD you there was money. I got this out of THIS card, the one you told me there was NO money in"..

Ugggghhh... I plan on never going back to that gas station, not after the way I was treated. And *especially* not after he grabbed my purse???!!!


sandy said...

Oh my God that is crazy! I can't believe he had the nerve to grab your purse!

Gina said...

That's why I like Ohio, you pump your OWN gas!!!!! And all the clerks at the stations speak English.

Miss Blondie said...

OMG!! I would've punched him for trying to grab my purse. Thats messed up!!

Bloggymommy said...

I CANNOT belive he grabbed you f'n purse! WTF? Seriously? I would've gone all kinds of crazy on his a$$! That's SOOOO not cool! But with my sense of humor I would've started emptying out my purse to 'get to' my wallet while handing him my panty liners and tampons to hold! lol

Definately NEVER go back there!

EVILFLU said...

That dude needs some help...grabbing your purse??? I agree, never go back there again.