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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This dieting stuff is HARD!

It's Day 13 of "THE DIET", and I'm feeling majorly frustrated! I'm not a girl with a lot of patience -- I want things to be done NOW and I want to see results NOW. And so far, I really haven't seen any results, and I'm feeling like a failure!

I've made SO many changes... I cut out my major junk food habit. Before, I used to eat McDonalds or Wendy's at least 3 times a week. Not any more... I used to drink tons of soda a day -- Not anymore... I drink water or Diet Pepsi. I used to eat snacks all day long -- Not anymore... IF I have a snack during the day, it's a Protein bar or a 100 calorie cup cake. I feel like I'm starving myself, eating around 900 calories a day, and still nothing!!!

BUT, despite ALL those changes, the scale hasn't moved at all. Not one single bit... At least if I saw it go down a pound or two, I'd feel a little more encouraged. My good friend Gina keeps telling me that I'll see the difference in my clothes before I see the difference on the scale, but damn it -- I want to see the difference on the scale!

I got on the Wii fit tonight, and set up my profile and set my goal. My total goal is 50 lbs by July, but the Wii fit won't let you go up that high. So I chose my goal to be 22lbs in 3 months, which STILL puts me in the 'obese' category.

I'm sure (hopefully) I'll eventually start losing weight, but I don't know if I can be patient until that day comes!


Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Eating 900 calories a day will actually hinder your weight loss, when your body gets less than it's needed calories to function per day, it goes into a starvation mode, and rather than burning your fat cells, your body takes the incoming calories and stores them.

If you're doing a food journal and calorie counting, try this tool to help figure out the best caloric intake for your day to help lose weight safely.

Bloggymommy said...

I have heard that if you eat a bunch of small snacks (like grapes, an orange, some plain popcorn, etc) that it keeps your metabolism running so you can burn off more.

I stopped drinking reg soda and started drinking just water and diet sodas and started watching what I was eating, still letting myself cheat every now and then, and doing sit ups every night and before I knew it I had lost 30 lbs. You'll get there...just be patient, I know it's hard.

My hubs started his diet about 3 months ago and has already lost 50lbs! *50*!!! Can you believe that crap?! lol

Good luck!

Gina said...

Michelle, you might want to set a shorter goal for yourself. Like 4 pounds in 2 weeks or so. Make the goals easy to accomplish to stroke your ego, and before you know it, your small goals will all add up to your big goal!!!!!!